Dressage report and xc prep

Dressage went well yesterday! Eddie warmed up well, proceeded to get tight and resistant late in warmup, and then Camie remembered that posting in warm up is a good thing. Eddie relaxed and became nicely rideable again one horse before our ride time. Gotta like that.
During the test we kept things flowing and mostly through and I was happy with it. The judge at E gave us a 70.9% and C gave us a 65.something %. Translated to 32ppts to put us in 6th. Pretty happy with that because these judges weren’t giving anything away. Low score 27ish. Ir eally though rough it would be 21 or so.
The cross country course has 7 combinations and plenty of tables to jump. There isn’t a lot of places to gallop after fence three. 15ab is a small vertical bending two to a max drop. I am doing this on my phone and I don’t know how to post pictures from it. Sorry!
The prelim division starts at 11:30 and I ride at 12:54, so I am going to go out and watch fence 15ab and see how people are riding it.
I hacked Eddie this morning and he feels good. Yay! Stoked.

2 thoughts on “Dressage report and xc prep

  1. go Camie and Eddie Go!!

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