Succesful xc day!

IMG_1325-0.JPGHey look I figured out how to post pictures from my phone! This is the nekkid trakehner which actually didn’t bother us too much, but it is a fun picture.
Xc went swimmingly, with Eddie warming up well and feeling up to the task. The first part of the course went swimmingly and he felt great. He dropped into the the second water beautifully, but then tripped hard up the bank. I kept going straight with him past the C element and did the black flag option which he did well, but it took a lot of time. We continued on to the trakehner above, which went well as did the entire rest of the pretty tough course. He jumped beautifully. We earned 7.2 time faults, all due to taking he long route at the water, probably. I moved down to 8th and my team moves up to third. Very very happy with how xc went!
Eddie is enjoying an ice bath and cookies!


One thought on “Succesful xc day!

  1. Glad you did so well! Can’t wait to see some pictures and maybe video!

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