Pictures Day One

Morning arrival to KHP

In the Reining arena

Reining judges' stands. Borrowed from the set of Baywatch

Apparently, mane length counts in reining...

Endurance horses at soundness check

Comet mugging for cookies, while Becky looks on after a morning school

Phillip after a morning workout

WFP discussing his morning workout

Half of the Bit of Britain store. I couldn't back up anymore to get it all in!

Jay shopping in BoB

OH MY Goodness. This place was awesome.

Cool table that Jay shot while l was watching the second session of reining

Airy much?

Looks like Ames after high winds...

Outside the Alltech Experience with the Hippie Peace and Love Horse. Ok, I named it that.

I'm posting this because I thought it was cool and I think Pam Stone would love it in her house or gallery. It was mesmerizing.

Big Ass Fans. Told ya.

Outside of the Opening ceremonies stadium. Benito there, is not happy...

People entering for the Opening Ceremonies. I ran into Allison Springer in this crowd. I rode with her in a clinic once and she not only remembered me (amazing, it was a big clinic!) but was very fun to chat with!

Culver Academy carrying the US flags. It was beautiful.

William Shatner driving his horse in the opening ceremonies. The horse was magnificent and he drove it professionally. He spent much of the day at the reining events in our section and was just a very cool regular guy.

Even the Universe was cooperating for Opening Ceremonies

Fresian Train from the Netherlands. Mighty great.

Mohammad Ali in a very cool car that Rick Hickman could identify...

Black Horse Troupe. All different makes and models of horses, all black

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