Opening Ceremonies

Nearly unbelievable.  William Shatner, Mohammed Ali, gaited horses that were so beautiful and happy in their work that they brought tears to my eyes (and I usually don’t get the gaited horse thing), a boy sitting next to me who asked if the lady with the white hair driving the hackney was Queen Elizabeth, western dressage, rope tricks, a full symphony, the UK basketball coach, the KY governor, Lexington Mayor, FEI President Princess Heya, 2 antique cars, a beautiful sunset, a packed house, bareback and bridleless reining, the fresian train, music from Carmen with full choir, Circus parade carriages, California cowgirls, some guy who rode two horses at a time while standing up, a man and andalusion who danced beautifully with a young ballarina, great weather, great sound, packed house.

Wow.  Must sleep.

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