Burwell practice

The day started early with riding Howdy in the Burwell rodeo arena.  Peace and quiet and crisp air.  He started out a little tight, but ended up pretty decent.  We did a lot of cantering, which was what we needed.  One could not characterize it as a “lope” yet, but it is getting a little slower anyway.  Relaxed is in our future yet, however.  LOL

After that we went for a little shopping trip to Dry Creek Western Wear which is a pretty nice store in Burwell:


Jay buying me a new shirt for RRP!

And here is the shirt:


Sometime during our shopping trip, I looked at potential curb bits for Howdy.  I was dubious moving him to a curb, and when I looked at the bits, it was a solid No.  Yikes, this looks like a wall of torture:


And this, I believe, is fencing material!


In the afternoon we fox hunted in the sand hills and I snapped a bunch of pictures.  They are uploading to the cloud and I’ll post them later tonight when they get there.

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