Jumping a course!


Summer morning hacks are worth getting up in the dark!

I’ve been endeavoring to ride Howdy six days a week, even if for only 20 minutes, if that is all I have.  The Thoroughbred Makeover is five and a half weeks away!  I may be getting a little jittery.

Howdy, however, doesn’t seem to be.  The western skills are coming together at times (a quality lope is a fleeting thing for us and over-reaction to leg aids is pretty common).  But it is definitely an improvement over where we were a month ago.  I thought I had video of some western work, but not so much.  I’ll work on that.

But I do have video of last night’s adventure, which was our first attempt at a real course of jumps, rather than the grids we had been practicing.  We are preparing to do a combined test (dressage and jumping) on Sunday at Maffitt Lake Equestrian Center.  We’re pretty fired up for it.

What a good man!

One thought on “Jumping a course!

  1. cheryl mcglothlen

    Hi what time does the show start?

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