Moving in the right direction

We only made it to around 19 degrees today, and with relatively high humidity for winter, it was a day for doing indoor tasks.  That’s ok, because Howdy has some healing to do with his eye yet and I want to give him time to work into his new hoof angle on the right front, and maybe get over some of the RF heel soreness we found on Monday in his PPE.  I got out a winter blanket for him, as this was the first day that he mentioned he might need one.


With his super mask and blanket, striking a pose in the run in.

The eye treatment continues and he is being good for it, but he also mentions that it kind of is not fun.  But the results are encouraging:

Howdy eye day 4

ISU Opthalmologist Dr. Rita Wehrman was happy to see this picture.  Yay!  Good to get confirmation.

Meanwhile, the other resident 5 year old bay off track thoroughbred gelding has developed a bromance with Howdy. They have adjacent stalls on nights that they stay in due to weather and apparently Bravado has recognized a kindred spirit.


This is Bravado’s expression when he looks at Howdy.  He’s like Joe Biden looking at President Obama.


And the way my day ended: an evening dressage lesson at beautiful Irish Run with Maddie Woodham and her wonder horse Kidron.  Mom Leah Woodham and sis are there to support despite the cold weather.  These people are proof that there is authentic  good in the world.  They make me smile just thinking of them.

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