Howdy licking the grate, Elliot eating and Sammy working up another whinny

I am hanging out at the Iowa State University vet school with three horses.  Howdy, for his pre-purchase exam; Sammy, for his recheck on a torn check ligament garnered last July at FRVPCHT horse trial; and Elliot for a suspensory avulsion from his sesamoid and a cracked splint bone from a pasture incident in October.  Let’s just say that 2016 had its not-so-fun moments.

But I’m thinking we are going to get a yellow light, if not a green light in putting Sammy and Elliot back to work.  They certainly appear sound.  We’ll see what the ultrasound says.

And now I am looking at Howdy walking around in his stall, licking the auto waterer, munching hay, thinking he might roll and I’m thinking, “I know he’s got something wrong with his left eye.  Is that a club foot on the right front?”  And then he coughs twice and I’m thinking I’ve got a respiratory infection on my hand too.

Time for another cup of tea.  Thank goodness I don’t have Jack Daniels in the trailer, because I’d put some in it.

Just did the flex test. Mild reaction to left knee and mild effusion on the right stifle.  Also some reaction to hoof tester on right front.  Opthalmology will look at his eye this afternoon.  Hopefully this early afternoon.  He is in for radiographs of front hooves, knee and hocks right now.  Ugh.  Blah.  Arg.

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