Reviewing and hooves

One of the better moments of the weekend. Eddie looking pretty. Photo courtesy Derith Vogt of D and G Photography

If you’re familiar with the Black Box and the Gold Box, then you know that one of the keys to using them is to examine the positive and the negative before letting experiences go into the boxes.  So today I edited the video that Jay shot of the dressage (not bad, but nice room to improve), xc (the fun of it is in the Equanimity post) and showjumping (there is one good jump of 5, irrrrrg).  I took the 8 seconds before and including the departure from Eddie on xc, and all of the showjumping, edited it together, saved it in slow mo, and watched it about 45 times.  The first few times through was like putting on a wet bathing suit.  There is no lying on videotape.  I enlisted the help of a glass of wine.  I learned a lot.

If you’d like to see the video, simply send me a request on a note attached to a new Berney Dublin Jumper saddle.

Sammy's hoof.

Meanwhile, since the Universe doesn’t intend us to wallow in self-judgement even with the intention of self-improvement, it gave me other things to do.  Sammy always had a pretty good crack in his left front hoof, but when I fed everybody and gave them the once-over upon arriving home yesterday, I saw that the crack that had gone about 3/4 way up his hoof now goes all the way to his coronary band.  Me no likey.  So I took a picture and emailed it to my farrier (have I mentioned I love technology and  my farrier who actually checks and responds to his email?)

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