2010 WEG Eventing Course Walk With Boyd Martin | The Chronicle of the Horse

I just read  the 2010 WEG Eventing Course Walk With Boyd Martin | The Chronicle of the Horse. and I’m delighted to learn that I’m not the only one who walked around that course thinking it looks big!

I’m back in the tack at home now and it is really good to be on the back of a horse again.  We arrived home about 4:30 last night and Jay and I instantly got the major things out of the car and went immediately outside to enjoy the beautiful evening.  I hopped on Eddie and had a wee gallop  in the newly harvested soybean fields.  Great footing.  Nothing like a gallop on a 17h thoroughbred to clear the mind after a 10.5 hour car ride.

Then I swung a leg over Elliot the wonder warmblood.  A friend dropped in during my ride and we we talking while I was warming him up in walk, then some walk lateral work and then into trot.  I was emulating the quiet hands and relaxed backs of the riders I’d been watching for the last two days.  When we picked up a trot, my friends said, “Wow, even the first step was elastic and lovely.”

I don’t think I could have dreamed of a nicer thing for her to have said.  I’ll keep working.  I’ll keep channeling Edward Gal and Steffen Peters and remembering that even Boyd Martin thinks the course looks big the first time he looks at it.

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