Day One WEG

I am in the Microsoft Internet Cafe at the WEG, a fabulous medium-sized barn that MS will donate to the Lexington Humane Society when the are done.  Yay Microsoft Word!

We took the shuttle over here from the hotel, which worked out fine, but it was vastly underused by people who would rather pay $20 per car and walk a mile than wait around a little bit for a bus that drops you at the front gate.  I should note that the shuttle costs $15 per person, but all in all it was a pretty good experience over parking.

We went to the reining venue for session one.  I bought the headset for $45.  It provides expert commentary for all the indooor events throughout the week.  Dressage, para, showjumping, everything.  I learned a lot from the commentator, the current President of the Reining Association.  He spoke in the interim between the arena announcer most of the time, so it was well-timed.  I figure I can give the headset to my eventer friends when they get her and I leave in the mid-part of the week.

The event itself was very interesting.  It had a rodeo feel with a lot of cowboy hats and loud music while the horses  performed.  Apparently the riders were able to choose their own music because the title of the song often matched the name of the horse or was connected.  The audience was encouraged to whoop and holler and they did.  The event was lightly attended and I will be interested to see how many more show up for the second session.  Tonight I will have pictures of some beautiful reining horses, but I don’t have my upload cord here at the park, so you have something to look forward to tonight!  Anky Van Grunsven rode a reining pattern and as you would guess, her accuracy was outstanding.  The American, Tim MacQuay, leads after session I.

After the first reining session was over, we hiked up to the Maker’s Mark hospitality tent which is across the street from the Stadium, where eventing showjumping is held.  The hospitality tent is nothing short of awesome.  Not a tent, really, but a building.  I had sushi and Maker’s for an early lunch.  Crazy.

The we watched Phillip Dutton, Becky Holder, Boyd Martin, Buck Davidson and WFP school their horses dressage in the warmup.  Everybody looks really good!  More pictures tonight.

Then we went to the Bit o’ Britain tent (more pictures tonight) and did some shopping.  The Hit Air and Point Two vests are coming in a shipment tomorrow.  I don’t know how they will fit more merchandise in that tent!  Again, more pictures tonight.

Got to go, reining session II starts soon.  Great weather here, sunshine and light breeze.  I can’t think of where I’d rather be.

Rock on,


2 thoughts on “Day One WEG

  1. Thanks Camie, that is awsome that you are “covering’ the show for us.

    • Oh mein Gott in Himmel. The Germans were pretty good in reining over the weekend and quite good today in Dressage. Woohoo! You are going to have so much fun when you get here! Good thing you are in shape, though! There is so much to see and a lot of walking to do to get there! You are going to have a blast!

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